Teach me thy way, O LORD

Group Photograph


The place that God has chosen
Bro. Stephen Hole (Hall Green)

1 The Lord hath chosen Zion Duet 12:1-14
2 A spiritual house founded in Sion 1 Peter 2 :1-10
3 And I saw no Temple therein Gen 2 :7-17
4 A bride adorned for her husband Gen 2 :18 – 25


Hosea – the unbounded love of God
Bro. David Nicholls (Gorseinon)

1 Go, take a wife Hosea  1-2:1
2 Ephraim is joined to idols Hosea 4:6
3 Go and learn what this means Hosea 6
4 O Israel, return unto the LORD your God Hosea 14


The prince of this world
Bro. Mark Vincent (Stirling)

1 Lucifer and Pharaoh Isa 14:3-17
2 Casting down imaginations
3 Principalities and powers
4 Exhortation – The hour is come Col 2:6-15


Afternoon Talks

Signs of the Times
Bro Don Pearce (Rugby)

1 The European beast in a post-Brexit Europe
2 Israel and her Arab neighbours working with the merchants of Tarshish

Bro Leen Ritmeyer (Cardiff)

1 Digging at Shiloh – the place where the Tabernacle stood